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Assessment of Exposure Doses and Decontamination


Does the radiation dose of a person depend on age, gender, race, and physique?

Generally, the smaller the body size is, the larger the external radiation dose becomes, because the radiation-shielding effect of the body becomes small. The extent of this effect has been clarified by simulation.

Fig.1 Difference in radiation doses between an adult and a zero-year-old baby

Simulation results for radiation source deposited the ground.

  • Effective dose is originally defined as averaged radiation dose for adult westerners (men and women).
  • The relation between effective dose and size of body has been investigated by applying the above definition to the other types of people.
  • The most important factor that affects the radiation dose is the body size depending on the age. Therefore, age-dependent dose conversion coefficients have been prepared.
  • Data measured with a personal dosimeter reflect difference in radiation doses depending of the body size.
  • It was confirmed that difference in radiation doses among gender, race, and body size is not so large.
  • It is possible to evaluate radiation dose depending on the age.