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Radioactivity Dynamics in River System


Where is the radiocesium in river water coming from?

It was estimated that particulate radiocesium in rivers was mainly from the land adjacent to rivers.

GETFLOWS was applied to the Oginosawa river catchment in Kawauchi village. Fig.1 shows the distribution of erosion and deposition during May 2011 to December 2015, and Fig.2 shows residual 137Cs in soil in percent.

  • Erosion is dominant along rivers (Fig. 1 blue area).
  • accordingly, residual 137Cs tends to be lower adjacent to rivers (Fig. 2).
  • Erosion is small in forest. The amount of 137Cs discharge from forest is one order magnitude lower than that from the land adjacent to rivers.

  • Distribution of deposition/erosion

    Fig.1 Distribution of deposition/erosion from May 2011 to December 2015

  • Residual <sup>137</sup>Cs distribution

    Fig.2 Residual 137Cs distribution

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