Analysis of ALPS treated water as third-party


Flow of analysis

The analysis by JAEA is conducted as follows: Sampling of ALPS treated water ⇒ Analysis ⇒ Reporting/publication of the analysis results to the government (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

For ALPS treated water before discharging into the sea, the followings are conducted.

・Confirmation that nuclides other than tritium are purified to the concentrations below the regulatory standards.

・Measurement of tritium activity concentration in ALPS treated water.

The analysis procedure is divided into the following three steps.


In the analysis of radioactive materials, in order to conduct analysis according to characteristics such as the kinds of radiation emitted by the analyte, pretreatments (purification) are conducted to increase the purity of the nuclides for easy measurements.
Purification of nuclides with similar chemical property makes the process more complex.


Measurements are conducted using appropriate instruments, considering the radiation emitted by the analyte and its characteristics. It tends to take long time to measure nuclides emitting low-energy radiation and those with long half-lives.

Confirmation and evaluation

Confirm and evaluate the validity of the analysis results.

※Photographs are illustrative examples including those taken in the test period.

Equipment may differ from the actual analysis.

The results of the third-party analysis to be conducted in the future will be reported to the government (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and also published in JAEA webpage.


Regulatory standard value