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Specifying the radioactive fine particles in soil and elucidating the radiation distribution in the fine particles in radioactive contamination of Fukushima

 In collaboration with Japan Atomic Energy Agency, National Institute for Material Science, and Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, Professor Toshihiro Kogure, the University of Tokyo, succeeded in specifying and analyzing fine particles that fix radioactive cesium in soil collected in Iitate Village, Fukushima Prefecture, using various analytical instruments such as electron microscopy. Further, Professor Kogure clarified how radioactive cesium is distributed in such fine particles for the first time. There results are expected to contribute to the prediction of future long-term dynamics such as diffusion and migration of radioactive materials, the development of decontamination method by chemical treatment, and the proposal of volume-reduction and storage methods for contaminated soil that is being enormously produced by the decontamination.


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"Speciation of radioactive soil particles in the Fukushima contaminated area and elucidation of radiation distribution in the fine particles"

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