Analysis and research facilities

Administration Building

 The Administration Building consists of living spaces, offices, meeting rooms, workshop etc. It will contribute to the steady designing, construction and operation of the Laboratory-1 and Laboratory-2. Radioactive materials are not used in the administration building.

 The Administration Building is used as a base where preparation of the facilities, preparation of analytical manual are conducted in the close collaboration with the 1F-related people.

 In the Administration Building as a base, the data obtained so far are compiled and status inside the facilities at the 1F site is investigated. Thereby, the analysis is conducted by combining the analytical data and facility information. Further, the analytical samples are properly selected by reflecting the information in the 1F site, and the efficiency of analytical works in the decommissioning process will be improved.

 In the workshop, machine tools, mock-up iron cells, glove boxes, and fume hoods are equipped. It will be used as a place where the mock-up of analytical works is conducted. In order to train the analytical engineers, trainings for mastering the analytical procedure are conducted using manipulators and glove boxes.


 The Laboratory-1 is a facility where analysis of low-to-medium level rabbles, incinerated ash, and secondary waste produced by the water treatment is conducted using iron cells, glove boxes and fume hoods. It is now under construction.


※The detailed design of the Laboratory-2 is under way.