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Succeeding in the development of scatted-energy recognition-type gamma camera that visualizes radioactive cesium from he sky

Sept. 5 (Fri.), 2014
Press room, Fukushima Prefectural Office
 The Japan Atomic Energy Agency has been developing the practical application of the "Scattered-energy recognition-type camera with high spatial resolution for being loaded on unmanned helicopter. This development has been conducted from FY2012 in collaboration with Furukawa Co., Ltd., the University of Tokyo and Tohoku University under the SENTAN program (Development of advanced measurement and analysis systems) sponsored by the Japan Science and Technology Agency.
 This time, we succeeded in developing a light and low-energy consumption gamma camera that is the scattered-energy recognition-type. The camera can visualize radioactive cesium, and it can be loaded on an unmanned helicopter. Using this camera, it became possible to create the radiation map with high precision.
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