Introduction of research and development

Research Co-ordination and Promotion Office

As a core of the Collaborative Laboratories for Advanced Decommissioning Science, steady progress in the research and development is supported. The office is located in two sites, i.e., Tomioka Town, Naraha County, Fukushima Prefecture, and Tokai Village, Naka County, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Office for Tomioka Collaborative Laboratories Operation Management

Maintenance, administration, permits and licenses, and application to the government for International Collaborative Research Building are conducted.

Fuel Debris Research and Analysis Division

Towards the decommissioning of 1F, research and development contributing to the risk reduction and management of fuel debris, radioactive fine particles, corrosion under specific environment, safety for hydrogen in the decommissioning work are conducted.

Waste Management Division

Accident Progression Evaluation Division

Towards the decommissioning of 1F, understanding of fuel debris, development of analytical technology, development of radiation measurement methods, understanding the status inside 1F, basic research on decommissioning, and international collaboration are conducted.

Remote System and Sensing Technology Division

Investigation on fuel debris, research and development on visualization and analysis by remote control towards the decommissioning are conducted.