Fukushima Research Conference

About Fukushima Research Conference

The "Fukushima Research Conference (FRC)" is an international conference discussing the basis research related to the decommissioning. The FRC has been held continuously in Fukushima Prefecture. The FRC is the conference at the world’s highest level in the field related to the decommissioning research.

The accident of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (1F) was the unprecedent severer accident where three nuclear reactors (Units 1, 2 and 3) were damaged from meltdown of the nuclear cores to the damage of pressure vessel through independent ways. It is expected that the decommissioning of 1F will be long-term hard work. In order to properly manage the risk in the decommissioning works and present advanced tools (software and apparatuses) to the site, the international collaboration among researchers and engineers in various fields is indispensable. For this purpose, the CLADS selects specific topics for decommissioning with the help of domestic and oversea specialists, and holds an international conference 5~6 times a year.

Example of research fields

① Analysis of nuclear species, ② Severe accident analysis, ③ Protection of radiation exposure and decontamination, ④ Remote control technology, ⑤ Project management, ⑥ Conservation of concrete structural materials, ⑦ Prediction of corrosion and corrosion protection, ⑧ Inspection technology, ⑨Repairing technology, ⑩ Property of fuel debris and its disposal, ⑪ Disposal of radioactive waste, ⑫ Management of critical condition

Policy of the conference

  • The international seminar at the Sector of Fukushima Research and Development, JAEA is named as "Fukushima Research Conference (FRC)". The FRC is placed as one of the activities in the Platform for Basic Research on Decommissioning.
  • The timely workshops organized by universities, colleges, and academic societies adopted by the Human Resource Development Project, MEXT can be held as one of the FRC’s if it is applied. The CLADS supports the planning and management of such conferences with the help of the committee of the Platform.

date held

Plan for fiscal 2020


Past conference


  • International Topical Workshop on Fukushima Decommissioning Research(FDR2019)

    Date: May 24~26, 2019
    Place: "J-Village Convention Hall", Naraha Town, Futaba County, Fukushima Prefecture

  • Materials Science for Severe Accident and Fukushima Daiichi Decommissioning Workshop 2019

    Date: July 10~12, 2019
    Place: Spa Resort Hawaiians Iwaki, Fukushima, JAPAN
        Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development
         Naraha, Futaba, Fukushima, JAPAN
        J-Village Naraha, Futaba, Fukushima, JAPAN

  • Workshop on Nuclear Hydrogen Safety (FRCHS2019)

    Date: October 17~18, 2019
    Place: Hotel Hojinkan 44-2 Kobama, Tomioka, Futaba, Fukushima, JAPAN

  • Remote Technologies for Nuclear Facilities

    Date: October 23~24, 2019
    Place: Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development

  • Corrosion of Key Components of Fukushima Daiichi NPS

    Date: December 9~10, 2019
    Place: Tomioka Town Art & Media Center Manabi-no-Mori




  • International Workshop on Radiation Resistant Sensors and Related Technologies for Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning (R2SRT2016)

    Date: Apr. 19~20, 2016
    Place: 6F, Exhibition Hall, "LATOV", Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture


  • Research Conference on Radiation Measurements for Decommissioning

    Date: Aug. 4~6, 2016
    Place:"Tenjin" in Cycling Terminal, Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture


  • Research Conference on Post-accident Waste Management Safety (RCWM2016)

    Date: Nov. 7~9, 2016 (Nov. 7: Conference, Nov. 8: Expert Meeting, Nov. 9: Visiting tour to 1F and Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development
    Place:, 6F, Exhibition Hall, "LATOV", Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture


  • Fukushima Research Conference on Remote Technologies for Decommissioning

    Date: Nov. 24~25, 2016
    Place: Naraha Center for Remote Control Technology Development, JAEA



  • CLADS International Workshop on Decommissioning Research

    Date: Nov. 10, 2015
    Place: Ibaraki Quantum Beam Research Center, Tokai Village, Naka County, Ibaraki Prefecture


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